ALEIMAR is a Voluntary Association which aids minors in difficulty without distinction of religion, race and culture.

Aleimar’s story is made up of small steps and lots of people who, during the course of the years, have believed in a mission: helping children in the poorest communities of the world in the environment in which they live.

In 30 years the Aleimar’s activity has helped 40.000 children worldwide, through child sponsorship and cooperation in international projects. Acting locally means operating promptly and with determination but most of all whole-heartedly with sensibility and the necessary respect.

Today we are present in 11 countries (Benin, Brazil, Colombia, R.D of Congo, Eritrea, India, Italy, Malawi, Palestine, Lebanon, Zambia) with 68 active projects. We directly take care of 571 children through child sponsorship and indirectly,another 2,500 children who we follow inside our projects.