Child Sponsorship

Our Child Sponsorship is an act of solidarity that takes place through financial donations on a periodic basis with which we support nutritional, scholastic and health needs of children part of our projects.

Thanks to our Child Sponsorship projects, children and communities benefit from development projects for educative and psychological support, receiving help until the achievement of financial independence.


All Child Sponsorship programs are part of our international cooperation projects in Africa (Benin, D.R. Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, and Zambia), Asia (India), the Middle East (Palestine and Lebanon), Europe (Italy) and in South America (Brazil and Colombia).

Aleimar follows the Guidelines for Child Sponsorship for underage children, developed and published by the Onlus Agency on October 15th 2009. Furthermore, Aleimar is a founding member of the ForumSaD, a permanent discussion forum for Child Sponsorship.


Financial support for the children goes to the natural or adoptive parents. If this is not possible because of complications, then the child receives support through foster families Aleimar already works with or is placed in an accommodation center.


It’s possible to support a child with a yearly donation of €150 (12,50 per month): pooling these donations a child has all his or her basic needs covered. With an “integral” yearly donation of €720 it’s possible to be the sole supporter for a child. It is also possible to choose the frequency of the donation (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly).

The donation is used to support the child as to make sure he or she can grow up healthy and in a positive environment.

Updates for the Donor

The doner can follow through the website all updates regarding the supported child. Twice a year we send pictures and updates on the child and the project, in addition to publishing the magazine “GiornAleimar” and the periodic newsletter with all developments. It is also possible to travel with our volunteers to meet personally the supported child with the project manager.

If you are interested in activating a Child Sponsorship, fill out the online form or call Aleimar at 0295737958 for further information.