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Water for All

Malawi Environment and Development

Despite the richness of natural resources, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa with a high percentage of children suffering from malnutrition. The lack of wells in villages forces people to walk long distances to reach water, often from small creeks or rain water accumulation. Many statistics point to tainted water as the cause of death for one in five children dead before the age of five.

The cholera outbreak that hit the country was particularly harsh in the region of Chimwala, in central-southern Malawi. To face the alarming situation, Father Joseph Kimu, our local referent, has highlighted the need to improve the supply of clean waters to the villages. Not only would this alleviate the conditions of many families in the villages, it would reduce the spread of cholera as well and help the recovery of those treated in the hospital.

There are plenty of lakes and rivers in Malawi and thanks to the project ‘’Water for All’’ we intend to buy and promote the use of manual pedal pumps in the villages, while building new wells as well. The pumps will allow families to have the water supply necessary to grow wheat and vegetables. In addition to the private use of the crops, the farmers will be able to sell part of the products at the open-air market. Pedal water pumps are an indispensable asset for cultivation, which will allow villages to decrease food insecurity. Additionally, the project aims to promote economic autonomy and responsibility.

Goals of the project
  • To offer to the people in the villages a basic tool to work.
  • To ensure the families of the villages three harvests a year thanks to a more efficient utilization of the fields and news tools.
  • To increase food security.
  • To help men and women achieve economic autonomy.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • Families of rural villages in the Mangochi district and the entire local community.
What you can do
  • $10: can help to purchase a pedal pump;
  • $25: can provide seeds for a first sowing for 2 family;
  • $55: can provide seeds for a first sowing for 1 family;
  • $110: buys seeds and fertilizer for 1 family for a year;
  • $220: will provide a pedal pump for 1 family;
  • $500: will contribute to build a well for drinking water.

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