Take care of me
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Take care of me

D.R. Congo Health and Nutrition

During the Belgian domination, the Democratic Republic of Congo did not proceed to train new doctors because they only recruited foreign ones. When the Belgian left the country, the local government found itself with a devastated healthcare system and unable to cope with the needs of the country, exacerbated by endemic misery and bloody wars.

Although the current situation has improved, in Congo there is an average of one doctor per 10.000 inhabitants. Many of these doctors attended South African or European Universities, and they are often well prepared and well rounded, but they often lack the experience and the tools to work effectively.

Thanks to the “Take care of me” project, we are able to support the following hospitals: Don Bosco Hospital, Balou Hospital, Kafubu Hospital and Dispensary of the Augustinian Sisters of Lubumbashi. The support consists in sending or buying on-site treatments, medical instruments and hospital equipment able to guarantee the basic health service to the population.

Training meetings and courses held by local people are also supported and promoted through the program.

Goals of the project
  • To promote the right to Life, Health and Nutrition.
  • To spread basic medical treatments among people who cannot buy them.
  • To guarantee an antimalarial kit.
  • To promote an HIV Prevention and Information Campaign.
  • To improve health assistance offering the medical and paramedical staff the possibility to work efficiently.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • 50 children who receive free essential care for malaria.
  • Adults who are cared for and / or informed on the subject of transmissible diseases (HIV, TB) and how to take care of younger HIV-positive people.
  • The population living below the poverty line that is the most vulnerable to disease and that due to the lack of economic means cannot have treatment and surgery.
What you can do
  • €50: You can provide medication and medical attention to a child for a month;
  • €100: You can contribute to the purchase of medical equipment for the hospital;
  • €200: You can support the activities of the local medical personnel for two months.

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