St. Jhon’s Elementary and Boarding School
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St. Jhon’s Elementary and Boarding School

Malawi Education and Training - Child Protection

In Malawi, in the rural area of Chimwala in the Mangochi district, the female part of the population is larger than the male one. Nevertheless, from the third year of elementary school, the number of girls enrolled in school falls abruptly.

One of the factors of this worrisome situation is the predominance of the Muslim population that prefers the teaching of the Quran to that of other subjects. Often students follow traditional rites of passage and girls see marriage as the only path.

In addition, the long journeys to reach school can be very dangerous for girls, who risk falling victim of any sort of abuse. The distance of the schools from the villages also forces girls to begin their education late, in the age typically considered appropriate for marriage (16–17 years of age). Furthermore, the girls are often exposed to sexual diseases such as HIV/AIDS or unwanted pregnancies, which force them to interrupt their studies.

For these reasons, it is necessary to create a place for girls to live safely and to provide them the possibility of attending school regularly. The project provides money for the construction of a school and a safe place to receive a fair education and to grow up.

Father Joseph Kimu, who has already covered educational and managerial roles in the Mangochi Archdiocese, will run the boarding school. He will select the teachers and the head mistress among the nuns that already have experience in the field of education, thus guaranteeing a good level of preparation.

Audirevi is helping sustain this project.

Goals of the Project
  • To reduce illiteracy and the school dropout rate for girls.
  • To provide a fair and full education to young girls.
  • To reduce premature marriages and pregnancies.
  • To reduce mortality under the age of 15.
  • To reduce sexual abuses and the transmission of AIDS virus or others diseases.
Beneficiaries of the Project
  • 200/216 young girls from 10 to 14 years of age. In particularly orphaned girls or affected by AIDS virus and in extreme poverty.
  • The families of the girls concerned.
  • The local population of the rural area of Chimwala, which will be able to access the sport facilities and the multifunction room offered by the school.
What you can do
  • €50: You can contribute to the purchase of blackboards, desks and school materials necessary for the school;
  • €100: You can support the activities of a teacher for a month;
  • €200: You can contribute to the construction of a school and a dorm for the girls of Chimwala.

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