Solidarity Brand
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Solidarity Brand

Italy Women's Empowerment

The project aims to contribute to social integration of Italian and foreign women in situations of difficulty because of lack of employment or a support network. “Supportive Brand” was born thanks to the project “Supportive Mark” crated in collaboration with the Tuendelee foundation, which provide the realization of labs to learn about dressmaking, embroidery and knitting. The end goal is that of helping the participants reacquire their individual autonomy, by supporting them economically and mediating social integration in the community.

The course consists of three different levels: entry-level, middle-level and advanced-level. In addition to the handwork, we intend to promote hours of citizenship education with the objective of encouraging the integration of different cultures.

The entering procedure consists of:

  • Reports from social services or local authorities about women who may benefit from the project.
  • A conversation and a mutual understanding between the educational staff and the candidate.
  • The introduction of the candidate in the dressmaking, embroidery and knitting lab.


The lab takes place three mornings per week, 32 weeks per year and welcomes 12 women at most, divided into three groups according to their abilities.

A teacher follows each group and, during the third year, the alums are offered the possibility of a micro-loan purchase of a sewing machine, to repay with the earnings of their sales. At the end of the course, the participants earn a certificate.

Goals of the project
  • To increase the number of women who can attend the course through the provision of a more adequate space.
  • To teach new techniques though the recruitment of foreign trainers in order to promote also ethnic production.
  • To increase the equipment available in the lab.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • 12 women and mothers in a situation of economic hardship and with problems of social integration.
  • Families and communities of our area.
What you can do
  • €50: You can contribute to the purchase of the necessary material for the lab;
  • €100: You can grant three months of sewing workshop to a woman of the project;
  • €500: You can grant a year workshop to a woman of the project.

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