Social housing
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Social housing

Italy Health and Nutrition - Education and Training - Women's Encouragement - Child Protection

The project aims to support families, in particular refugees, living in Melzo (MI) and the surrounding area who are struggling economically and socially.

“Social Housing” was born as a complement to the “Mom at the Center” project, which welcomed in Tuendelee – Aleimar’s Italian partner – women who wanted to evade a difficult family context and regain autonomy and independence. Through “Social Housing”, Tuendelee offers accessibly priced accommodation and psychological, economic and training support to help these women integrate into the local community and become economically self-sufficient. These activities will be integrated with a communication plan to educate inform the local community.

Goals of the project
  • To support 18 families from extremely disadvantaged contexts.
  • To provide temporary housing and supporting families in expenses, guiding them in finding their personal and economic independence.
  • To reach a full social integration.
  • To increase parental responsibility as far as childcare is concerned.
  • To contribute to school integration.
  • To educate the community and favor integration.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • 18 families, for a total amount of 70 people.
What you can do
  • $10: can buy school supplies for a child;
  • $15: can buy basic kitchen staples for a family;
  • $25: will contribute to pay for two weeks of a dress-making course;
  • $50: will contribute to pay some utilities and basic necessities for the families’ flats;
  • $100: will pay for a full tailoring course;
  • $200: cover some of the costs associated with refurbishing the families flats.

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