Nurse me
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Nurse me

Benin Child Protection - Health and Nutrition

The project takes place in the regions of Zou and Atacora, two areas of Benin in which inhabitants live mostly in rural villages. The sanitary conditions here are a disaster: the childbirth death rate is extremely high and newborns are often underweight. Moreover, breastfeeding without blood ties is not in Benin’s culture. This cultural factor, added to the malnutrition and the spread of AIDS, leads to even more deceases.

The project ‘’Nurse Me” wants to cope with these problems through the supply of milk powder to undernourished newborns in the Hospital of Tanguietà and in the three accommodation centers managed by Aleimar in cooperation with the local religious institute. The centers are located near some of the main traffic ways and many families from the surrounding villages lean on these structures in order to bring hope to their children who, otherwise, would be at a serious risk of death.

A team composed by nuns and local mamans takes care of about 130 children. Recently, a collaboration with the hospital of Taguietà was started: Aleimar contributes by buying milk powder for the nutritional center of the hospital (every child requires about 3 kg of milk powder per month to survive) and the hospital of Taguietà, if necessary, provide a specific nutritional supplement made of local plants.

The project is supported in part by the precious contribution of the Fondazione Mediolanum.

Goals of the project
  • To promote the Right to Life and Health.
  • To avoid newborns’ premature death due to the impossibility of breastfeeding.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • Undernourished, motherless, rejected children or children with HIV-positive mothers.
  • Families who can lean on a free, healthcare service for their own children
What you can do
  • $10: will provide milk powder to a child for a month;
  • $25: will provide milk powder to a child for 3 months;
  • $50: will provide milk powder to a child for 6 months;
  • $100: will provide milk powder to a child for a year;
  • $200: will provide milk powder to two children for a year.

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