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Moringa’s house

Benin Child protection

The headquarters of an important missionary hospital managed by the ‘’Fatebenefratelli’’ congregation, the hospital “Saint Jean de Dieu”, is located in the village of Tanguietà, located 25 km from Natitingou. In this region, the cultural and sanitary conditions are very precarious and the maternal death rate is very high. The high maternity death rate and the deaths of women often bearers of chronic evolutionary diseases ( AIDS, neoplasms, serious mental illnesses),  lead  to the abandonment of newborns or their  banishment from the family unit, with the risk of malnutrition, other diseases and death itself.

Special structures devoted to hospitality and assistance of both sick and healthy children are insufficient, and the need for help increases progressively.  Moringa’s House was built near the hospital, thanks to the support of our volunteer Piero Buffa, pediatric surgeon at the Gaslini hospital in Genoa. Piero had made his own contribution, by working with the local staff and by offering a month of volunteering per year. The family home is managed by the local ECLIPSE-BENIN organization, which offers hospitality and assistance programs, while managing research efforts to find the families of the children and providing food, goods and medicine. The House welcomes 10 children under the age of 5 and children of women detained in the Natitingou prison. The children welcomed are fed, educated and subjected to periodic health checks during the period of stay, thus avoiding marginalization.

They are constantly assisted by a qualified ‘’maman’’ or by one or more collaborators, under the supervision of a social worker. Consequently, by guaranteeing regular meals, a suited education, medical treatments, the center becomes a lovely place to grow up. However, Casa Moringa requires maintenance and improvement due to the number of people who need help.

Goals of the project
  • To promote the right to a home, family, health, education and play.
  • To welcome orphans, abandoned children or those in serious need.
  • To improve nutrition and increase the educational offer for the children who are guests in the structure and when the family reintegration takes place.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • Motherless children or orphans.
  • Children in severe poverty or who received inadequate care.
  • Children who are victims of ill-treatment.
  • Children of women imprisoned in the jail of Natitingou under the age of five.
  • Families of the children in severe economic and financial situation.
What you can do
  • €50: You can contribute to periodic medical check-ups for a child;
  • €100: You can guarantee a daily meal for a child for a year;
  • €200: You can support the activities of the “maman” and social workers.

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