Manonkpon Nursery School
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Manonkpon Nursery School

Benin Education and Training

Manonkpon is a small rural village in the commune of Houéyogbé, in the southwestern region of Benin. The region is predominantly rural, with small villages made of mud and straw scattered in the tropical forest. The economic and health conditions of these areas are at the limits of survival. Education is still a luxury for the few and illiteracy is rampant. People live on subsistence farming with no long-term guarantees, do not know the basic rules of hygiene and nutrition and the scourge of HIV continues to spread without control.

In this context, we are collaborating in the renovation and expansion of the Manonkpon kindergarten. The kindergarten, founded in 1997, was the first community school in the municipality of Houéyogbé. Two teachers, a cook and a volunteer work in the kindergarten. The project aims at helping children by offering them a serene environment in which to grow and study. Games and recreational activities help children overcome traumas, express their personality and socialize. The lunch offered by the school guarantees everyone at least one nutritious meal a day, while the collaboration with the APE (Association des Parents d’Elèves – Parents’ Association) guarantees a direct involvement of the families in the management of the school and in the educational path of the children.

The precious contribution of Mediaset has financially supported the realization of the project.

Goals of the project
  • To promote the right to education, play and food
  • To support children aged 3 to 5 in their educational and scholastic path, providing them with daily food support.
  • To form and support families in taking responsibility towards their children
  • The construction of a wall, steps to improve access to the classrooms, cafeteria, 6 toilets and a well
  • Arrangement of the play area with the installation of slides and swings
  • The supply of furniture and teaching materials for the classes
Beneficiaries of the project
  • Support children from 3 to 5 years of age in the educational and scholastic path, also guaranteeing them daily food support.
  • About 80 children living in situations of economic and social poverty.
What you can do
  • 50€: You can buy a school uniform and school materials for a child for a year;
  • 100€: You can guarantee access to the school canteen for a child for a year;
  • 200€: You can contribute to the restructuring of the buildings and of hygienic services.

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