A hand for everyone
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A hand for everyone

India Education and Training - Health and Nutrition - Women's Empowerment

In rural areas, most of the population lives in extremely poor villages, without medical assistance and in poor hygienic conditions. The lack of services and connections to the surrounding cities contribute to social marginalization and to the proliferation of diseases. In addition, it discourages care for children education. The use of dowry and young marriages constitute problems for the bride’s family and consequently lead to an increase in female infanticides.

The project “A Hand for Everyone” cooperates with the local association MTSSO of Nagercoli, in the State of Tamil Nadu, and consists of professionals who tax themselves in order to finance projects aimed at the most disadvantaged segments of Indian society, in particular women and children.

One of our referents, John Upalt, a teacher in one of the neighborhoods of Nagercoil, supervises the activities and coordinates our efforts. He frequently checks the general situation of every family in the program.

In India, school is compulsory from 6 to 14 years of age. It begins in June and finishes in April. In order to attend the school, students need to pay a fee, buy scholastic materials and the uniform, for a total amount of about 25-45 euro per year. The hardest part for the kids however consists of doing homework and revising lessons, considering that many children live in just one room and do not receive sufficient support from their parents, often illiterate.

The project “A Hand for Everyone” includes different initiatives:

  • The after-school service, to ensure educational support in addition to a valid and concrete learning assistance thanks to prepared teachers.
  • A medical dispensary, to guarantee the supply of medical treatments and specialized examinations for the prevention and fight against malnutrition.
  • The project “Line of Hope” in Nagercoil, to promote the organization of cut, sewing and informatics classes aimed at young women who, thanks to a degree, will be able to start up working activities and work for local businesses.
Goals of the project
  • To promote the right to Education.
  • To preserve the right to gender equality.
  • To assure funds for medical treatments or specialized examinations for the prevention and fight against malnutrition.
  • To support children during their educational path.
  • To improve women’s life condition through employment opportunities.
  • To support young women who obtained their degrees by encouraging them to start up small work activities.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • 30 children of Parkkingal’s slums who live in extreme conditions of serious social discomfort.
  • 50 young women of Nagercoil and near villages.
What you can do
  • €50: You can purchase medical equipment for a child for a year;
  • €100: You can purchase a sewing machine;
  • €200: You can contribute to the payment of the salary of a teacher.

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