Green School: Lombard network for sustainable development
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Green School: Lombard network for sustainable development

Italy Environment and Development - Education to Global Citizenship

The current situation of the environment makes it necessary to make people aware of the specific problems of the area in which they live and actively deal with them through the so-called eco-actions.

Lombardy is the Italian region with the highest population density, a situation that places it among the territorial areas with the greatest anthropic impact and significant critical issues in terms of environmental protection, in particular with regards to waste management, energy, sustainable mobility, quality air and food waste.


The “Green School project: Lombard network for sustainable development”, co-financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), wants to promote knowledge of environmental issues in civil society through attitudes, actions and forms of active participation of students, Lombard population and institutions, aiming at protecting the environment, combating climate change and mitigating the anthropic impact. The environmental eco-actions promoted within the schools will concern in particular six “pillars”: energy savings, waste reduction, sustainable mobility, food waste control, respect for nature and biodiversity, water savings.

The participation of the schools consists in: an initial phase of analysis of the environmental sustainability practices already present and tested; the planning of specific activities and the intervention strategy; the implementation of good practices with the active involvement of pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff; the diffusion in the territory of the actions taken and the results achieved in order to raise awareness and involve local citizens.

Furthermore, Green School aims at the creation of territorial, diversified and multidisciplinary networks as well as the training of subjects that support education for sustainable development and promote concrete sustainability actions, in order to guarantee support to schools and territories and a future eco-sustainability actions and good practices.

In support of the creation of territorial networks, the project promotes a start-up seminar, during which the possibilities of participation in the project will be presented also through the enhancement of already existing networks, as well as experiences of active citizenship and involvement of the public offices of the municipalities interested, provincial and regional awareness-raising events and actions to share the results achieved.

Goals of the project
  • Contribute to the environmental protection, the struggle against climate change and the mitigation of anthropic impact;
  • Promote the integration of good behavioral practices in the educational objectives and in the daily educative program.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • 4000 students (from 3 to 18 years old) and 2000 teachers of 250 Schools of the Lombardy Region at all levels. Moreover, the families of the students as well as the bodies involved in the project will be sensitized and mobilized.

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