Flowers in Bloom
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Flowers in Bloom

Ethiopia Child Protection

Sexual abuse against children is very common in Addis Abeba. Extreme poverty forces the population the live in unsafe, promiscuous conditions, sharing extremely small places without any basic services. It is not uncommon for a five or six people family to live in a small house, just a few square meters, made out of plastic and wood, with no electricity or hygiene services, next to many other families living in the same conditions. Whenever a child becomes a victim of abuse, the authorities hardly give the parents assistance and help and, therefore, they are left alone to face the consequences.

Sole Onlus and Integrated Family Service Organization (IFSO) have been active since 2002 offering medical, psychological and social assistance to abused children and their families, creating a program with the help of volunteers from group homes in Addis Abeba that supports the victims and tries to prevent the repetition of abuse. As of today, two homes host about 40 children between the ages of 5 and 14.

The project “Flowers in Bloom” aims to improve the stay of the children, by guaranteeing appropriate food and hygienic conditions and by reinforcing psychological support through after-care treatments, such as theatre, music and labs. Up to now, more than 850 children have had assistance, medical attentions, financial supports and provisory recovery.

To supplement the psychological support we also use art-therapy. Children can express their feelings, impressions and opinions though art, taking part in the activities and involving themselves in performances. Thanks to art, children victims of abuse return to express themselves and to socialize with others.

Goals of the Project
  • To encourage the recovery and social reintegration of sexually abused children.
  • To provide psychological and social assistance to avoid the repetition of the phenomena.
  • To support the families by making a small economical contribute.
  • To improve the hospitality service.
Beneficiaries of the Project
  • 40 children, from 5 to 14 years old, victims of sexual abuse.
  • Families of abused children
What you can do
  • $10: will guarantee food for a month for a child in a family house
  • $20: can provide a hugenic kit for a child for one year
  • $50: will buy educational materials for art therapy;
  • $120: will guarantee food for a year for a child in a family house;
  • $200: will provide psychological support for a child.

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