Creche Sensory Room
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Creche Sensory Room

Palestine Child protection

The deterioration of the political and social situation in Bethlehem has produced serious consequences especially on the most disadvantaged bracket of the population. Many children are forced to live in family, economic and health conditions of discomfort; often left alone, they are exposed to dangers, violence and deviances.

The situation is even more dramatic for hyperactive or psychophysical disabled children. The intervention of social services is insufficient and not proportionate to these specific needs, thus aggravating the discrimination that affects disabled children, who are considered carriers of misfortune due to old cultural heritage.

Given this context, the Bethlehem Crèche center has been built as an orphanage, run by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. There, the operators dedicate themselves to the most disadvantaged children, accompanying them towards family reintegration or fostering care, should the former not be possible.

Inside the structure there is a sensory room, that has been operating for 3 years already, where sessions are held for children who have suffered from trauma or who are hyperactive and inactive.

The room is a space devised specifically to provide a complete sensory experience and to allow small users to fully develop their senses and their abilities. In particular, the special lights, the music and the objects in the room have a strong calming power, extremely helpful for children suffering from trauma.

Given the relational and behavioral effectiveness of this type of therapy, the project aims to integrate the sensory room with new and better equipments.

Goals of the project
  • Encourage children to engage and explore the environment through sensory stimulation. This has positive effects on their ability to interact with the world around them;
  • Strengthen the learning process through games, helping children absorb and memorize more information;
  • Improve balance, movement and spatial orientation, facilitating everyday life;
  • Reduce behavioral problems by providing a moment of calm and tranquility for hyperactive and stressed children and help inactive children to feel more involved.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • 38 children, aged 0 to 6, living in the Crèche center.
What you can do
  • € 50: you can buy sensory toys which stimulate the senses and the attention of the children;
  • € 100: you can contribute to the purchase of a Southswing swing for premature babies;
  • € 200: you can contribute to the purchase of a Color Catch Combo composed of four color-based games, designed to improve memory, color recognition, motor skills, and to have fun.

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