Child Sponsorship Palestine
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Child Sponsorship Palestine

Palestine Child Sponsorship

The strong deterioration of the political and social situation in Bethlehem has caused serious repercussions on the population, especially on the most disadvantaged. The unstable context in which many Palestinian children are forced to live generates numerous problems in economic, family and health terms. Attention towards education is very often lacking due to the inadequacy of the structures and the repeated absence of teachers. Children from disadvantaged families find themselves spending too much time abandoned to themselves, exposed to danger and deviation. To this must be added the high rate of domestic violence, neglect and abuse that weigh heavily on women and have serious consequences on the youngest, who are often abandoned or entrusted to the nearest shelters.

This situation of poverty becomes even more dramatic for parents who have to deal with a disabled, hyperactive or mentally retarded child: in these cases the intervention of social services is insufficient and not proportionate to specific needs, aggravating even more this last the discriminations suffered by disabled children, perceived as bearers of misfortune or shame because of old cultural heritage. Marginalization and poverty result in the inability of families to acquire the necessary equipment to improve the disadvantaged condition of children.

Creche Bethlehem

Thanks to the Child Sponsorship we support the reception activity of the Crèche center in Bethlehem, managed by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, where the operators dedicate themselves with dedication to the most disadvantaged children, accompanying them step by step towards family reinsertion or entrustment, if the first was not possible. The reception center is divided into 3 sectors: Infants, dedicated to the daily care of the little ones, Nursery, which welcomes children from 7 months to 2 years up to the awareness of themselves and the surrounding environment and the Infant Garden, where the children stay up to six years.

Bethlehem social center

The Child Sponsorship program gives us the opportunity to promote education, covering part of the school expenses for 19 children of the Bethlehem Social Center. The latter was started precisely to provide the assistance of individuals, ensuring their social and health services, such as care and protection, and ensuring assistance in primary needs for women and children from situations of extreme poverty and discrimination.

A silent voice

The Sponsorship of 13 children allows us to support the precious work of the Bethlehem Effort Center, which, using a series of specialized services, proposes to offer concrete solutions to the problem of deafness. Most of them focus on promoting childrens’ and parents’ awareness of the problem and on accompanying them in tackling the economic and relational difficulties that arise every day. There are also two services dedicated exclusively to children: a School for Children and a Primary School in which appropriate methodologies allow the students to receive the education they deserve, as well as the teaching of communication and interaction techniques suitable for their condition.

A school without walls

The Child Sponsorship Program allows us to cover the entire school fees of 14 children from disadvantaged families attending the kindergarten and elementary school of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Cremisan, a village near Bethlehem. Many families are unable to cover school expenses and find themselves forced to give up education for their children who find themselves spending too much time completely by themselves, exposed to danger and deviation. In order to prevent children from spending entire days on the street, the project provides for the financing of the after-school service and a contribution for the Sunday and summer oratory.

Differently at school

Our 9-child Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to support “Holy Child” activities, a Beit Sahour school for young people with learning difficulties or mental disabilities coming from situations of serious hardship and living in the Bethlehem area. The school offers children and teenagers personalized and modulated school courses according to the real skills and attitudes of each one. The teaching used seeks to highlight and integrate the cultural heritage of the place through music, dance and food. For some children this path is a preparation for the traditional school, for others the only possibility for cultural and scholastic growth. The relatives of the children are offered various formative and informative moments and a continuous accompaniment in the education of their children.

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