Child Sponsorship Kenya
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Child Sponsorship Kenya

Kenya Child Sponsorship

We are present in Kenya since 2018. Kenya is a State of East Africa and it is in 146th place in the Human Development Index (out of 189 countries). Its economy, after a period of prosperity, fell into a deep crisis and worsened during the last years of the Moi dictatorship.

Nowadays, Kenya shows a strong inequality in the distribution of income and about 50% of its population lives below the poverty level. The economy of the town is based on the agricultural cultivation of coffee, tea and pyrethrum (a plant used for insecticides and pesticides) in the plateau, oil palm and coconut plantations on the coast. All these products are then exported abroad. An important contribution to the economy is also given by tourism and by the breeding of sheep and goats.

Ngida Family Homes

The project is carried out specifically in Nginda, a region located in the coastal province of Kenya.

There, families live in conditions of extreme poverty and, due to inadequate medical care and medical assistance during the childbirth, the maternal mortality rate is very high and, consequently, even the number of children orphaned or abandoned at birth.

The latter, without a reference point, are left to their own, without medical care and adequate daily meals so that they become often victims of abuses, prostitution or other forms of violence.

Not only do these children be denied the right to have a family, food and a home, but also, due to the high costs required by the Ministry of Education, they are not adequately educated and often they are forced to leave school beforehand.

The Nginda Community Based Child Welfare has been instituted by the parish of Nginda in collaboration with many small Christian communities. These ones, having taken to heart of the situation, decided to form groups, called “Chiesette”, headed by a specific manager, in order to draw up an action plan and help for many needy children.

In addition to the distribution of food and clothes, some women offer hospitality to completely rejected and alone children, in order to guarantee them a home where grow up.

Although the latter are often moved by a strong sense of motherhood and they are particularly sensitive to the needs of the weakest, especially of children, there is a lack of preparation and knowledge on how to guarantee and manage a correct support for the little ones who often have particularly delicate situations behind them.

In this regard, the project proposes an educational and accompanying path for women and inhabitants to take care of children and young people in need, with the aim of creating a community to help manage a fragile reality.

The project also provides for the organization of awareness-raising events and social gatherings in which the community is called to collaborate and find possible solutions to the dramatic problem together.

Since those who put themselves on the line to support the weakest also live in a precarious economic condition, also considering the meager financial resources of the parish, it is thought to start a small agricultural company with them and to allocate the future proceeds to support medical and school fees of the children they care.

Goals of the project
  • Guarantee daily meals, medical care and schooling for orphans in Nginda;
  • Integrate orphans into society;
  • Educate the inhabitants and the families of the villages of Nginda to properly take care of the needy children;
  • Sensitize the local community.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • Direct beneficiaries: 88 orphans or abandoned children.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: the Nginda community.

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