Child Sponsorship Ghana
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Child Sponsorship Ghana

Ghana Child Sponsorship

Ghana currently has one of the highest schooling rates in West Africa. However, around 500,000 children still remain out of schools due to the lack of buildings to house them, textbooks and adequate training for new teachers. In particular, the lack of structures and training affects the most disadvantaged children with physical and motor disabilities, which are thus considered a burden without a future for families and made the subject of abuse and marginalization.

In this country all our child sponsorships are part of the “Coffee Beans” project which maintains the name of the local organization with which Aleimar collaborates in managing the project.

Coffee Beans

Created to protect disabled children and guarantee them the possibility of having a home, the project aims to ensure education and medical care for these children, as well as guaranteeing them the fundamental right to grow up in a suitable family environment. “Coffee beans” already has at its disposal a shelter called Casa Italia where 19 orphaned, abused or abused children are currently hosted, including some with severe disabilities, who are provided with medical care, food and school support. Fortunately, in some cases the reception is only temporary, because thanks to the great work done in the area it is possible to guarantee a gradual reintegration into society. In recent years 45 children have been reintegrated into safe family contexts and are followed up with periodic visits by the local contact person Simona and the Social Service with which she collaborates intensely.

Since 2015, further construction work has been started on the children’s home, a play area, the physiotherapy room, the well and two houses with services for volunteers; structures that we hope to be able to conclude as soon as possible. Furthermore, the necessary work is in progress to secure and limit the damage to the buildings of the Center caused by the intense rains that hit the country during the monsoon season.

With the sponsorship of a kid of the “Coffee Beans” project, it mainly contributes to its maintenance, to the expenses necessary for the school (if the child is of school age), to his care, when necessary, but also to development and to the maintenance of the whole Reception Center with the benefit of all the children who are welcomed there.

The child’s support will have a variable duration and will end when the child has recovered a state of serenity, good health and an adequate family context will be available for him, in which he will be monitored with periodic visits for as long as necessary.

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