Child Sponsorship D.R. of Congo
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Child Sponsorship D.R. of Congo

D.R. of Congo Child Sponsorship

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is rich in raw materials, forests and water resources, yet its population has one of the the lowest average incomes in the world. A poverty that is not only economic, but also social. We still live in extreme poverty and in many parts of the Congo the ancestral culture and the phenomenon of the “child sorcerers” are still strongly rooted. The accusation of witchcraft leads the parents to hunt their children on charges of causing misfortune or illness. There are many children who suffer violence or lose their lives because they are identified as dangerous, the few who survive are abandoned, traumatized or marked by very strong feelings of guilt. The serious problems of integration that they are facing drag them among the marginalized and expose them to petty crime and prostitution.

The Child Sponsorship gives us the opportunity to offer practical help to these children, guarantee them an education, a protected environment in which to grow and, where possible, the gradual reintegration into their family of origin.

Casa Laura

The project, also thanks to the precious contribution of the Church of Milan, supports 42 girls from the “Casa Laura” reception center in Lubumbashi, which is run by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (Sisters Salesians), hosts and looks after girls and girls accused of witchcraft. Thanks to the Child Sponsorship, Aleimar offers these girls the opportunity to go to school and take part in some activities such as music, sports and housework. In addition, the reception center is equipped with a multimedia library that aims, with the help of a dedicated teacher, to broaden the horizons and knowledge of girls.

The Sponsorship is also aimed at young girls and teenage girls, who, after a period of stay in the center, gradually returned to their family of origin. The latter are in fact accompanied with material and moral support for the time necessary for the normalization of their situation and, where possible, are followed until the achievement of economic Independence.

Differently good

Thanks to the Child Sponsorship, we support the Balou disabled center in a peripheral area of ​​Lubumbaschi, one of the very few in Africa, created and inaugurated in 1990 with the aim of welcoming, educating and training professionally this unprotected section of the population. Today it hosts about 120 disabled people.

The Center, which is home to around 120 disabled people, cannot use state subsidies as a private facility, so it lives thanks to donations and is run by nurses and teachers. The work of these operators consists in encouraging young people to work on themselves, helping them to face the social marginalization experienced for their disability and to build the communication and relational bases that are necessary to feel part of a group. Most patients live in the Center, all have the opportunity to use the services provided, including a small hospital to deal with health emergencies and the guarantee of a daily meal.

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