Child Sponsorship Colombia
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Child Sponsorship Colombia

Colombia Child Sponsorship

The population residing in Bogotà is about eight million people and is extremely varied, divided into social levels, from a first level (the poorest) to levels 6 or 7 (wealthy). The social difference is therefore very high.

Children who are helped belong to level 1 or 2 and are the children of the poorest families living in the Bogota districts of Usaquèn and San Cristobal.

The goal we set ourselves is to accompany them until they become autonomous and able to live a dignified existence with their family. Most of these families arrived in Bogota following the escape from the countryside due to violence; mum is often the only support and children risk spending all their free time at school on the streets of neighborhoods where violence is on the agenda.

Through our two educators, with the collaboration of the Chierici Somaschi, we carry out a program of periodic assistance and monitoring on the territory, which allows us to identify the most needy cases. The monthly meetings with families make it possible to verify the family, health, social and economic conditions of each family unit and to define the most appropriate contribution for each new need. We therefore provide basic food baskets, housing rent contribution, specialist medical visits and sanitary appliances (for example glasses), clothing and school uniforms, study aid, small home maintenance. With specific targeted projects, we provide kitchen tools and appliances, beds and furniture, hydraulic and electrical maintenance, home renovation and construction of a dwelling when conditions allow.

Moral support and personal accompaniment are an indispensable part of our intervention, as is the organization of convivial group moments that make membership in our association concrete.

With the child sponsorship, we therefore aim to provide financial support to the poorest children and families living in the Usaquèn and San Cristobal neighborhoods, adapting the intervention to the specific needs of families and trying to restore the hope of a better life for families by offering they are certain that they can count on someone who cares about their lives.

Personalized aids

The “Personalized Aid” program aims to provide an answer to the concrete needs of the “desplazadas” families, who live in conditions of extreme poverty in the most peripheral areas of the city of Bogotà. The aid includes the supply of household appliances (stoves, pots, washing machines), furniture and maintenance services for the plumbing and / or electrical systems, aimed at improving the hygienic-living conditions of the houses. Finally, the project includes interventions to support the study of boys / girls and microcredit activities, to support the start-up of family work.

A new home

The “A new home” program aims to improve the living conditions of families living in Bogotá barrios. Here the cost of renting is so high that almost all the family income is destined to cover this expense. Through restructuring or assignment of new homes, we want to promote the right to housing and improve the sanitary conditions of homes. Giving these families a home means providing them with a safe place to live and improve their family relationships accordingly.

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