Child Sponsorship Benin
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Child Sponsorship Benin

Benin Child Sponsorship

Located at 167th place for Human Development Index (CIA World Factbook, 2017), Benin is one of the poorest countries in West Africa and children are the most vulnerable; often neglected, exploited and forced to work without having the opportunity to attend school. The low value attributed to education is the consequence of the cultural backwardness of the population, which weighs heavily on the younger ones. Parents are often engaged in their daily tasks and children are not adequately cared for, do not go to school and are exposed to the dangers of the road. To discourage and stem the problem of abandonment or in any case to guarantee basic rights to all children, we try to offer help and support to families and communities, offering support for daily needs, health care and access to education for children.

Often our children supported in Benin are in shelters because they are orphans from birth or removed from their family of origin due to poverty, superstition, death of one of the parents and refusal by the new partner. Thanks to Sponsorships, the centres take care of the little ones with dedication and love, guaranteeing them healthy and regular meals, medical care, education and a serene family environment in which to grow up feeling loved. Where possible, attempts are made to maintain relations with the family of origin and initiate a gradual process of re-integration of the child’s family. In the event that the return is not possible, alternatives are considered, such as the assignment of the child to foster families

"At school and in the family"

The project, through Sponsorships, supports 21 children from very poor families of Cotonou, of the village Condji-Lokossa or who attend the school of Manonkpon. In this last case, support is used to support the daily and structural needs of the whole school. At the end of the course of the child helped, the school will continue to benefit from the support thanks to the donations received for a new child who attends the same school.

In addition, since 2016, again in order to improve the living conditions of children and their communities, we offer women form the village the opportunity to start small income-generating activities through the microcredit tool.

“City of Joy and Tata Somba”

Thanks to the Child Sponsorship, we help 30 children welcomed in the “Cité de la Joie” and “Tata-somba” reception centers: the centers are run by the Sisters of the St. Augustin Institute who, together with some volunteers, take care of the little ones ensuring their nutrition, medical care and a serene family environment in which to grow up feeling loved. The two centers are located in the rural villages of Perma and Boukoumbè.

“Cultivating culture”

In the rural village of Kpossegan (municipality of Dassa), thanks also to the precious help of Fondazione Mediolanum and Otto per mille Tavola Valdese, we have built a primary school, now recognized by the Ministry of Education. Here, the Child Sponsorship is aimed at 22 students of the school and the proceeds allow the payment of teachers, school supplies, canteen service and the assistance of “social cases”, namely the direct support of children from families with serious problems of health or significant physical or mental incapacity. At the end of the course of the child helped, the school will continue to benefit from the support thanks to the donations received for a new child who attends the same school.

Again with a view to supporting the family and the children’s community, in 2012 we started micro-credit activities.

“Cultivating the future”

In Tocountouna, a municipality in the north of Benin, we support 21 children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years of age welcomed in the reception center run by the sisters of the local religious institute OCPSP (Oblate Catechiste Piccole Serve dei Poveri). The Center, in addition to hosting children and adolescents who come from very poor families, often orphans of mum or both parents, also provides training and support in job placement. Once the scholastic path is over, the boys, thanks to their supporters, have the opportunity to attend professional training courses and apprenticeships at local artisans that facilitate their entry into the world of work, or enrol in the University.

Furthermore, in order to support the families and the community of Toucountouna, we collaborate with the women of the villages, promoting microcredit activities and processing of local products that are then sold in the local market or in the larger one of Natitingou.

“Daily bread”

The “Daily bread” project supports 20 children from the “Francesco Massaro” reception center in the village of Agnangnan. The  Sisters of the Institute manage and house about 50 orphaned children from zero to three years and a Nutritional Center aimed at the prevention and treatment of cases of malnutrition. Particular attention is given to the health of the children housed in the Nutritional Center: here the young receive powdered milk, food, nutritional supplements and a qualified nurse takes care of the most serious cases.

The Center, partly supported by the precious support of Bazar International Luxembourg, also organizes training courses to promote basic hygiene and health standards for families.

“Chicks in the nest”

In the city of Natitingou, thanks to the Child Sponsorship of 30 children, we can support the activities of the “Santi Innocenti” reception center, which hosts about 60 children and orphans or children from extremely poor families in the area. The children welcomed in the center are fed, educated and assisted in their primary needs.

“Everybody to school!”

In Natitingou we provide support to around 31 orphans or children from poor, disrupted or HIV-infected families attending “Piccoli angeli”(Little angels) kindergarten and the “Pere Huchet” primary school. Thanks to the Child Sponsorship of these children, we are able to manage the schools and thus guarantee to all students not only an adequate education, but also a canteen service, taking care of health (vaccinations and periodic visits by volunteer doctors), a transport service for those who live farther away, extracurricular and after-school recreational activities.

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