A school for life
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A school for life

Benin Education and Training

The right to education for children with disabilities is internationally recognized, although in Benin, as in many other African countries, the respect for this right does not seem to be a priority. In the north of Benin, particularly in the Atacora department, disability is still perceived as a fatality for its bearer and it leads to discrimination, social exclusion, deprivation of fundamental rights and failure to enroll in school. In recent years something has changed, and the Beninese government is becoming aware of the exclusion of the latter from the social and educational system even if there are still many disabled children deprived of any future perspective, especially in the north of the country.


In the light of this situation, Aleimar together with the local ECL’IPSE NGO wants to give back hope to these children, offering them the opportunity to redeem themselves by learning a job, developing their skills and, at the same time, creating moments of socialization aimed at social integration.


The project consists in starting vocational apprenticeship paths: according to their interests, the students can enroll in training courses in specialized ateliers and learn a job in order to facilitate a future job placement (i.e. locksmith, carpentry, tailoring etc .. ). The courses are intended to last 3 years but, considering the learning difficulties related to disability, they can be extended to 4 years. The host workshops are located in the villages of residence of the children, so they can stay close to their family, reducing travels and the costs of any alternative accommodation. Furthermore, the project provides a fund for the purchase of tools and equipments that facilitate the participation of children who come from situations of hard economic difficulty. In this way, Aleimar is working to improve the living conditions of disabled children, encouraging their social inclusion and guaranteeing them professional training.

Goals of the project
  • Guarantee a vocational training to children with different forms of disability;
  • Foster the empowerment, the consciousness and the personal redeem of disabled children;
  • Promote the entrance in the labour market of disabled children, in view of a future economic independence;
  • Reduce the school and social exclusion of children with disabilities (hearing impaired, partially sighted or with motor impairments)in the municipalities of Materi, Cobli eTanguiéta.
Beneficiaries of the project
  • 50 children between 14 and 18 years old with different kind of physical disabilities, resident in the municipalities of Materi, Coblie Tanguiéta, in the Atacora Department.
What you can do
  • € 50: you can contribute to the registration of a boy to the registry;
  • € 100: you can guarantee the tools and the equipment necessary  to train a boy in financial difficulty;
  • € 200: you can bear the costs of the apprenticeship contract for a boy for the entire training.

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