The International Cooperation Projects

The International Cooperation projects are targeted efforts to support minors, adults and communities with the goal of improving their quality of life. These activities are planned and studied in detail with the local communities to better suit their needs. As of today, Aleimar manages about 70 projects in 13 countries.

The choice of the projects follows precise guidelines, which keep into consideration:

The Area of Intervention

Aleimar operates in situations of poverty with a focus on education, schooling, health and women’s empowerment. These interventions are oriented to address real needs, and these needs are carefully studied before the launch of any new project.

Qualitative Standards

Aleimar and the local entities agree on a set of qualitative standards (which vary from country to country and from project to project) that need to be achieved by the child or the community as a whole. Twice a year Aleimar conducts its own controls on the development of the projects while the local collaborators periodically report updates. These checks ensure a real improvement of the child’s conditions and, at the same time, allow the donor to see the impact of the donation.

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