Institutional Bodies

In order to become a member one has to sign the statute, have the request for membership approved by the Managing Counsel and then ratified by the Assembly. The Assembly is made up of all members of the organization and it elects the members of the other institutional bodies. The Members Assembly is also responsible for the approval of the program of activities set forth by the Managing Counsel, as well as the budget and the year-end financial statements.

The Managing Counsel is elected by the members’ assembly and is composed by nine members. The President, the Vice President and the Secretary are chosen from the Counsel.

The Counsel has the task of establishing the rules of conduct for the Organization and it determines the program and the objectives for the year, which are then approved by the Assembly. Furthermore, it coordinates all activities, authorizes expenses and launches committees to study and work on specific projects.

Sergio Sali (President)
Flavio Melina (Vicepresident)
Valentina Bolchini (Secretary)
Daria De Siero
Luigi Foletti
Francesco Moroni
Gaetano Fiorella

The Audit Committee is in charge of the revision of all financial and accounting activities of the Organization. It also checks the compliance with legal requirements and the statute of the Organization.

The current members of the counsel are Ernesto Bassi, Marta Protto, Guido Conte